Refund Policy


We do not process payments, Credit cards are processed securely through a payment gateway such as stripe. When a charge is processed, we incur costs from the card networks (Visa and Mastercard) and payment partners with which we work. Because these networks establish the rules and guidelines for refunded payments, often the banks and card networks will keep the upfront cost of a refunded transaction, therefore, these costs are not refunded to us when the charge is refunded.
All reservations are subject to a 7.00% fee that is not refundable. This 7.00% is to cover the fees are charged from Bank and payments processors to us when we make a refund to our customers.

In most cases, if our service is not complete, we will automatically refund the payment for the service not performed. For example, if you reserved a roundtrip transfer and there was a problem with the return transportation, we will refund 50% of the cost of the original reservation, for the portion of the service that was partially performed. However, this does not mean that we guarantee to refund a customer who does not comply with our refund policy.

You are able to cancel your reservation up to 12 hours before your scheduled arrival time or pick-up time at the hotel, and your money will be refunded if your flight is canceled. If you cancel less than eight hours before your scheduled arrival or pick-up time at the hotel, we will refund 70%.

We reserve the right to withhold a refund if we expect the customer at the airport or in the hotel and the customer simply does not appear without notifying us.

If you make a booking at the last minute before your flight lands, Other policies also apply—for example, you can cancel your reservation 1 hour before your flight lands; otherwise, we can charge 70% of the cost of your reservation.