What is the refund policy?

In most cases, if our service is not complete, we will automatically refund the payment for the service not performed. For example, if you reserved a roundtrip transfer and there was a problem with the return transportation, we will refund 50% of the cost of the original reservation, for the portion of the service that was partially performed. However, this does not mean that we guarantee to refund a customer who does not comply with our refund policy.

You are able to cancel your reservation up to 12 hours before your scheduled arrival time or pick-up time at the hotel, and your money will be refunded if your flight is canceled. If you cancel less than eight hours before your scheduled arrival or pick-up time at the hotel, we will refund 70%.

We reserve the right to withhold a refund if we expect the customer at the airport or in the hotel and the customer simply does not appear without notifying us.

If you make a booking at the last minute before your flight lands, Other policies also apply—for example, you can cancel your reservation 1 hour before your flight lands; otherwise, we can charge 70% of the cost of your reservation.

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What currencies are you able to accept?

We accept a variety of currencies, including US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, and British pounds. Please note that all payments will proceed in US dollars, and we are working to support additional currencies in the near future.

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How do you track your client’s satisfaction?

We want to hear how we are doing. It is the single most important thing for us that you are completely satisfied with our service. You will receive a short email survey or call after your trip has ended, and we will follow up on each customer’s experience.

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How do you process credit card payments?

Security Capabilities & Policy for Transmission of Payment

We collect customer information such as name, email, phone number, and credit card details in order to process and fulfill orders. This information is encrypted and protected by several layers of security to prevent unauthorized access.


We take the security of customer information very seriously and use a variety of security measures to protect it. These include encryption, firewalls, and authentication procedures.

Credit card details are processed securely through a payment gateway, and none of your payment details are stored on our servers.

All payment options are safe and secure, and we only work with reputable payment gateways.

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What is the arrival process at Punta Cana International Airport?

1) Once you land, and if you are not holding a Dominican Republic passport, you will need to purchase a tourist card. This tourist card is sold at the airport, and it costs $10 U.S. Dollars, as of June 2015.
2) Then you will go through immigration, where you need to have a white immigration form, your passport as well as the tourist card you just purchased.
3) You will then walk on to baggage claim, get your luggage and for through Customs. There you have to complete a blue/white form with your general customs declaration.
4) Once you clear Customs, you will go straight out to the curb where our driver will be holding a sign with your name on it.

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What if my flight is arrives early, is delayed or cancelled?

We monitor all inbound and outbound flights in Punta Cana International Airport. We will adjust our dispatch time accordingly in order to be there once you arrive. If your flight is cancelled (by the airline) we will do our best to reschedule your transfer for your new date and time, although we cannot guarantee availability.

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What if it takes too long in immigration, customs or if my bag is late?

If there is a delay, the driver will wait for you as long as possible. At Punta Cana Airport Transfers, we understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned. If it takes too long in immigration, customs, or if my bag is late the driver will not leave until at least two hours after your arrival. If you’re experiencing any difficulties that will prevent you from leaving within that time frame, have a member of your party let the driver know so they can plan accordingly.

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Do you have child seats?

Yes, we have child seats available. One is included with your transfers at no additional charge, and each additional seat costs $10.00. Please make sure to include the age and weight of your child in the notes during the checkout process.

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Do I need to call and confirm my airport transfer?

Once you book and you receive our electronic confirmation, the pickups and drop-offs are automatically scheduled in our dispatch system, so there is no need for you to call and reconfirm.

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How will I find the driver at the airport?

Once you have arrived at the airport, you will need to collect your luggage and proceed through customs. A driver will meet you in the terminal with a sign with your name on it.

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